"I like the agility poles it causes the player to stay low and explode from side to side. On the lay up Coach Koch says that he likes the player to go from low, lower to lowest prior to exploding to the layup. The poles give him a way to create that. Those types off tools provide great kinestetic and visual feed back for the players, which is much better the simple verbal cues."

- John R. Mishock, PT, DPT, DC

Thank you Bob!!!!!
My daughter Kendall is one of your students. Her CYO basketball team just won the PA State title. I'm sure the skills that you taught her, helped her to help her team get to the #1 spot.

- Michelle Misczak-Grasela

"My dream has always been to play basketball in college because I love it and never want to see the day I can no longer play on a team. Having Coach Koch as my coach was the best possible thing for me at the time and a great experience that I will never forget. Coach Koch did not just teach fundamentals, he taught me things I will use in every day life: hard work, discipline, diligence, determination, leadership, respect, having a positive and strong work ethic and being smart about certain situations.
I needed a coach with backbone and rules and without Coach's guidance, I never would have accomplished my dream!
Thanks Coach!"
- Shea Kelly, Lynchburg College '13 Coaching Minor

"I love working with Coach Koch – he has so much passion for the sport and while I have talked to many coaches and facilitators during my time at Baden, Coach Koch's passion is unmatched."
- Tyler Feulin, Baden Representative

“My 12 year old daughter just made her school's basketball team and I am teaching her all the fundamentals
Coach Koch taught me!”
-Jennifer Magee, former player for Coach Koch.

“Coach Koch has helped me perfect my left handed layup.”
- Gianna Monastero 12 years old, Private Lesson Student.