Innovative and challenging basketball lessons are offered by Hall of Fame Coach Bob Koch and staff. Lessons are provided at Coach Koch's facility in Sanatoga, PA for athletes ages 8 to college. 

Lessons emphasize: Ball-handling, passing, lay-ups, dribbling, offensive moves and motor skill development.
Athletes improve: Skills, conditioning, core strength, explosive power and confidence.

Call 610-608-7624 to schedule your 75 minute session. Each session is a $55 fee.

Coach Koch’s state of the art facility is located in Sanatoga, PA.  The Koch Facility has one NCAA regulation full outdoor court and a indoor court for a total of 5 basketball hoops!  This allows for group workouts.

Skill Work
Students develop an appreciation of fundamental basketball and learn the importance of practicing the correct technique. Creative basketball props and aides are incorporated during each 75-minute lesson. Students will improve core strength, flexibility and endurance and will redefine what they can do with a basketball.

Coach Koch has incorporated the guidance and service of Dr. John Mishock, a physical therapist/chiropractor to enhance player strength and skills.

Basketball Aides
Coach Koch has learned to enhance player development with the use of challenging and appropriate props. A partial list includes: The Big Ball, Heavy Ball, hand gloves, wrist weights, golf and tennis balls, resistance harnesses, agility ladders, and a professional sand pit (which increases endurance, strength and quickness).

Bob Koch Hoops SAND PIT will include a college backboard for additional training, shooting and rebounding drills! The"PIT" will be used for the athlete looking to increase fitness, balance, agility and explosive power!

Bob Koch Hoops SAND PIT Video CLICK HERE!